Aleetza and Jason

Photos by Sanderl Photography

Testimonial Letter from Aleetza and Jason of Australia

I cannot thank you and your team enough for the incredible job you did in planning and executing our wedding. You were so flexible in arranging our skype calls and deadlines and remained so at ease with each stage. You made the planning not only fun but very easy!!

We had never been to Kauai, and were organising a wedding for 50 people who were traveling from Australia and the US. We also have a baby & a toddler, so time was very constrained in not only organising the wedding but also organising all our travel plans and those of our guests. Marlene was my saviour! She is so fun to work with, so patient and willing to help in all she can. She did so much for us outside of her remit as wedding planner & for any problem I had, be it about the wedding or Kauai in general, she always tried to help out! Our wedding absolutely blew me away! I expected some of what I wanted to get lost in translation, especially as I was planning a wedding with someone I had never met in a place I had never been, and I still can’t believe how perfect every detail was to what I had asked for! Our guests & families couldn’t believe how amazing everything looked & I was thrilled that I not only got to meet and get to know Marlene, who is such a beautiful person, but also that we chose Marlene to make our wedding and trip so amazing! She was phenomenal and we think of her as part of our amazing journey through Kauai & our wedding!