Emjay and Ginno

photos of this Mira Mira event by Alex Rapada
video by Isle Media

Testimonial Letter from Emjay and Ginno of California

Marlene helped us plan a beautiful and memorable wedding on Kauai.  

Our wishlist was fulfilled and we couldn’t have expected a better outcome.

Our Main Highlights:

Wedding and Reception Planning

It’s hard to trust someone without meeting face-to-face, but a couple of introductory phone calls and e-mail exchanges, we instinctively knew that Marlene  is the best in Kauai

- Lifesaver:  Marlene recommended a venue  and rental house for our wedding when our options did not work out.  We did not know the location or the house, but we trusted in Marlene and the home ended up as a magnificent venue and vacation home

- Organized:  Marlene is very prepared and organized, she phased the planning process and gave us a summary document of the event timeline and costs every time we discussed the plans, which provided us peace of mind even though we are in California and couldn’t interact with her face-to-face

– Proactive:  Marlene reached out to us about wedding and reception ideas (do’s and don’ts do’s) at least 2 times a week

- Accommodating:  we had to change the date of our wedding  within 3 months of the actual date and she was able to accommodate the changes with all the vendors 

– Flexible:  ideas and guests come and go, we had revised our wedding plan about 8 times and Marlene was able to adjust the plan

Wedding Day
It’s easy to be relaxed in Kauai, but wedding days are different.  We thought we would be running around and pulling our hairs, but Marlene was there to make sure everything went smoothly.

- On-site:  On the day of the event, Marlene was there from early morning , helping setup and directing the vendors, to night helping clean-up.   We were worry-free and was able to relax the whole day and throughout the whole event and truly enjoy ourselves

– Timely:  Our event timeline was executed precisely, the night was long but gone too fast

Post Wedding

– A New Friend:  Marlene insisted that we meet on our last day in Kauai, we met her 2 adorable dogs and she gave us a lovely present.  This made our time in Kauai even more special; as we exchanged our alohas we knew we left the island having a new friend

Thank you Marlene