Land Blessings

In Hawaii, land is considered sacred and it is customary to bless new locations, whether they are land, homes or businesses.   In some ways, the blessing is very similar to a wedding ceremony.    The new owners have a responsibility to cherish, protect and offer a positive environment for all who live on the land.

kahu dress for land blessing
In a land blessing, A Kahu (spiritual guide, guardian) calls upon the spiritual entities associated with the land, including the Kahu’s own ancestors, and the ancestors of the new owners.

kahu calling spirits for land blessing

Blessings are highly personalized and the new owners play an important part of it.  It is up to them to work toward making that relationship a healthy one.

new land owners land blessing

The Kahu asks certain individuals who are most significant to the land – to assist them because it is very important for these individuals to also bring their positive energy and blessing to the new land.  Hawaiian sea salt is used by Hawaiians to cleanse, purify and bless the land.   [The couple in this photo is tossing Hawaiian sea salt.]

kahu and significant participants for land blessing

The Kahu asks Ke Akua’s (God, spirit) blessings to make the home a tranquil sanctuary, to ask for protection and safety for all who live in the home, and to foster a positive and balanced environment.   Together, the land and its people will live in harmony, with love, peace, and respect for one another.


Photos of this Mira Mira Event by:  Milan Kenjic