Why Mira Mira

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“Marlene blew our expectations out of the water, attending to our every need, keeping us on schedule, and very importantly helped to keep my stress levels under control. You can pay anyone to help you organize your wedding, but it’s the special touches that Marlene brought with her winning personality, local knowledge and artistry that separates her from the pack!”   Sarah and Poe

You need someone who listens and seeks to understand who you are and what you envision.

Our time is dedicated to creating an event that is all about you.  People want a celebration that reflects their personal passions, shows guests a really good time and ultimately, will be an event that people will fondly talk about for a long time.  We’ll suggest vendors who are excellent at their craft, dependable and willing to make your day as special as it can be — so you don’t find yourself sifting through the clutter of online vendors.  No mindless browsing.  We provide take away information and tools that benefit you. That’s why we focus on building your event with you in mind – not from cookie-cutter packages or designs.

Your special day happens once and can never be repeated.  Invest in a local native with local ties, resources and knowledge of doing business the island way. Mira Mira Events can free you from the responsibility other than soaking in every moment of that day  –  the flush of excitement when you first saw your guests, what it felt like to see your families joined together, the sweet scent of the island flowers around you, the exhilaration of getting down on the dance floor until your feet hurt – how you surrendered to just being there and to simply enjoy it.

We commit to a select number of events per month so we can dedicate our time, resources and focus – to you.

Let’s celebrate your great news!