Why You Need a Wedding Planner on Kauai

If you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, vow renewal or any special milestone, Mira Mira has the expertise, energy and resources to get you the best information possible so you can make the best informed decision, then help you seamlessly execute those decisions.  

You need:

  • help bringing your vision to life
  • an outlet for your event energy
  • to hire vendors who excel in their craft and are trustworthy
  • to complement your venue’s “event manager” with a professional “event planner” specializing in elements not handled by the venue
  • help figuring out a budget that’s right for you.  How would you know what to expect if you’ve never planned an event in Kauai?

wedding event decor detail why you need a wedding planner

  • Friends and family generate ideas, but we can save you time and energy (and keep your sanity) by leaving the planning and execution to an event professional
  • You’re trying to navigate family dynamics
  • You don’t have time to plan your special event.  You already have a job!
  • You should be 100% present for your special day